What is the difference between Shipping Rate Favor Program and Free Delivery Program ?

ArirangUSA Shipping Rate Favor Program

After Checkout, We will give some great shipping rate favor to all customers !
1st : Just check out without any shipping rate
2nd : We decide how much shipping rate should be applied to each customer’s order to give great shipping fee favor based on customer’s location, shopping history and order volume reasonably.


1. Why don’t you apply shipping rate to each order before check out ?
Answer : We are making great effort to give big favor to our customers as much as we can. so We want to give big discounted shipping rate favor, Real Shipping Rate based on real time USPS quote and free shipping favor also according to customer’s location, order amount, order history and how often customer buy our items and etc.

2. Why do you start shipping rate favor program ?
Answer : Real Shipping rate is totally different according to customer’s location, order volume and etc. We cannot apply reasonable shipping rate or big discounted rate or real rate with our fixed shipping fee policy. for example, with our fixed shipping rate policy, Even if some customers should pay affordable shipping rate, they cannot help paying more rate. so we want to apply reasonable and flexible rate for all our customers. Of course, we can give free shipping favor as many as we can with this program.

Free Delivery Program

Free Delivery Program is usually used for together shopping. Because the minimum order amount is a little bit higher, Together shopping is better for saving money and time.

  • Free Delivery to this location
    [OC, LA, Las Vegas, Victorville, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Arizona]
  • Free Delivery Schedule =>
  • Las Vegas, Victorville : Every Saturday
  • San Diego :  Every Saturday
  • San Jose : Every Saturday
  • Arizona Phoenix : Every Saturday
  • OC, LA : Everyday

 Minimum order for Free Delivery =>

  • OC Region : [Minimum Order : $89+]
  • Garden Grove : [Minimum Order : $69+]
  • Irvine : [Minimum Order : $79+]
  • LA : [Minimum Order : $200+]
  • Victorville Customers : [Minimum Order : $500+]
  • Las Vegas Customers  : [Minimum Order : $500+]
  • Arizona Customers : [Minimum Order : $500+]
  • San Diego Customers : [Minimum Order : $500+]
  • San Jose Customers : [Minimum Order : $500+]
  • San Francisco Customers : [Minimum Order : $500+]


[su_box title=”ArirangUSA Food Market Shipping Method” box_color=”#dbdad9″ title_color=”#040404″ radius=”10″]If a customer cannot meet the minimum order amount, he or she cannot get free delivery service. We provide Shipping Rate Favor Program to save shipping cost for customer’s order.[/su_box]

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