Our online marketplace networks make every sellers achieve their goals easily and efficiently whatever their items are, wherever seller source from. We focus on making sellers expand their market to USA easily through our Search Engine Optimized Marketplace Networks. We support our sellers with our 20 years e-commerce experience and huge knowledge.


We are managing Google SEO Optimized 25 marketplace networks. 

This is very important meaning for sellers and customers as follows.

  1. Seller items on 25 marketplaces are exposed easily to customers’ google search result.
  2. Customers can easily find and buy what they want from now on.
  3. We are increasing our online marketplaces continually up to 300 or more. This increase makes sellers’ items exposed more widely and easily to target customers who want to buy what they want.

This is mainly different from all other one stand alone marketplace. We are making endless effort for sellers and customers by maximizing Google Search Engine Power Marketing. 90% of shoppers usually use Google search to find what they want.




We are currently provide fulfillment service for our global sellers who want to expand their market newly with the least cost and huge potential for exploiting USA Market.

From items storage, online order management, inventory management, shipping management to customer service like refund, return, customer questions and exchange, we are taking great care of all kinds of jobs related to online selling.

How many online markets to sell ?

We are currently managing 25 online big marketplaces. We will add more and more online markets to our marketplace networks continually. We plan to manage up to 300 online big marketplaces.

How much seller fee for 25 market networks ?

♦ Fulfillment By Seller

   1. $39.99 per month for selling on 25 markets. Not for each market !
   2. Item Referral Commission Fee : 10%
   3. Seller manage order, shipping, customer service, return and inventory from                           their warehouse.

♦ Fulfillment By SNH Global

     1. SNH Global uploads products, manages order, shipping, customer service

     2. SNH Global manages return, refund and all other things for sellers.

     3.  SNH Global store all items in our distributed warehouse and manage

         inventory also

     4. $500 per month for all above service

     5. Item Referral Commission Fee : 5%

     6. Amazon Selling Support Service is also provided optionally through our

        Amazon seller account.

We also support Amazon Selling Service through our professional Amazon sales team for our Fulfillment By SNH sellers optionally if seller want to sell their items on Amazon.

This service is recommended for overseas sellers who are in South Korea, China, Vietnam and etc.


When do sellers get payment for items sales ?

Every 2 weeks, Seller get payment directly from SNH Global. 

When seller submit seller application, seller should fill out banking information to get payment.

What is SEO Optimized Market Networks ?

Google SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Google Search Engine Marketing takes up to 90% in online sales marketing these days. This means online seller should focus on Google search engine optimization to make their items exposed to potential customers more frequently and efficiently. Our marketplace networks has achieved this SEO Optimization so far. By joining us, sellers can make their items be exposed to target customers easily and have higher probability to sell their items so fast.

Online marketing is not an easy job for most online sellers. As you know, To set up e-commerce site is piece of cake these days by using shopify, wix and others. But after that, it takes at least 3 ~5 years to build seo optimized store and to sell items without any expensive advertising cost.

We, marketplace networks, are here to help sellers for this critical point of online store success.

We’ve been here for more than 5 years since 2015, building this kinds of huge online marketplace networks.

Do you set up our stores on 25 markets ?

Yes, We do. We upload all product info and set up all shipping and return policy for each seller on 25 our optimized marketplace for free.

What is Fulfillment By SNH Global ?

We are currently providing Fulfillment by SNH Global Service. We store seller items in our warehouse, upload items on our 25 each marketplace, take orders, ship items to customers, manage inventory and support all selling related customer service in our side.

We also support Amazon Selling Service through our professional Amazon sales team for our Fulfillment By SNH sellers optionally if seller want to sell their items on Amazon.

This service is recommended for overseas sellers who are in South Korea, China, Vietnam and etc.

What kinds of Amazon Selling Service for Fulfillment By SNH sellers ?

We’ve been professional Amazon selling consulting company for almost 10 years also. We developed Amazon sales ranking platform also for our sellers. Our purpose is to focus on making sellers sales up and making overseas sellers expanding their market to USA efficiently. That’s why we keep adding more than 25 online big marketplaces and We provide professional Amazon Selling Service for sellers.

Amazon selling service is done the following steps

  • Product Keyword Research
  • Product Photo
  • Product Description
  • Product Listing Optimization
  • Product Sales Ranking [Through our platform]
  • Product Review 
  • Amazon PPC Ads Set Up
  • Review, Feedback, Adjustment 

Amazon selling service fee is  just 5% of Amazon sales Volume.

We have Amazon seller account so this service can be done on our Amazon seller account or Seller own account.


What benefits do sellers get by joining market networks ?
  • Huge exposure to target customers easily
  • No more cost for product advertisement
  • No cost to open and manage more than 25 stores
  • Unlimited support from our professional e-commerce team
  • Unlimited free consulting for online store success.
  • Free huge traffic on our Search Engine Optimized Markets
  • If seller want, We provide Fulfillment by SNH Service
  • We can support professional Amazon Selling Service also
  • Easy to expand items market to USA  through our search optimized online network markets
Seller should apply for all 25 markets ?

Seller don’t need to submit seller application for all 25 markets to register.

Seller just submit one application in any our markets and We will check and process the application.

We will set up seller stores in all other market networks after reviewing seller application.

  • This store name is used to set up online store name in our 25 marketplaces.
  • Tell us company introduction
  • Tell us your product briefly
  • Tell us company website so that we can review products
  • Please select fulfillment style