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a.r richer faq

What is A.R Rcher Club ?

A.R richer is ArirangUSA Partner who fulfill our order or refer our food items to people like friends, family and community.

How A.R Richers make money ?

There are several ways to make money and earn monthly income in A.R Richer Program.

  1. Refer our items to friends, family or community and earn up to 10% commission.
  2. Fulfill our order and get up to 90% commission for each order total amount.
  3. Ship out our package to customers and get up to 20% Commission for shipping fee. we pay also shipping fee. You just pick up and pack and ship out through your courier company.
Can I make $2000 per month ?

Yes. You can make up to $2000 per month. If you can continue fulfill our order by yourself, you can earn regular income through our A.R Richer Program.

  1. Apply A.R Richer
  2. Fulfill our order 
  3. Get up to 90% Commission for each order fulfillment.
  4. Get paid weekly base

It’s very simple but you need to be consistent and have integrity.

Try and break through this difficult economic situation under COVID-19 pandemic

How to become A.R Richer ?

The steps to become A.R Richer are as follows

  1. Register at ArirangUSA.Net as a customer
  2. Fill out all fields on application form and submit
  3. We review your application
  4. We contact and show your A.R richer dashboard
  5. You can log in as a A.R richer and see your own dashboard that has your fulfillment order list, your customers, commission amount and etc.
  6. You can refer our items that has commission to your friends, family or community and make them buy those items => get commission
  7. You can take our order and fulfill it and get up to 90% commission
When and How to get paid ?

When you finish order fulfillment, Up to 90% Commission will be sent to your bank account within 7 days.

When you refer our items to friends, family and community, If they purchase and receive the items, We send the referral fee within 7 days

The Minimum Commission Fee should be Over $50 in total

What is Commission Rate ?

We have 2 kinds of commission program.

  1. Product Referring Commission : Up to 10%
  2. Fulfillment Order Commission : Up to 90%

♦ Commission Products

We will add more and more commission products

♦ Fulfillment Order Commission

  • Up to 90% of total order amount
  • This Percentage depends on each order 
  • We decide commission rate at least more than 60% 


What is fulfillment order ?

Fulfillment Order Process

  1. Take our order
  2. Shop all items at Korean Grocery Markets
  3. Pack all items
  4. Deliver the order to customer’s front door
  5. Notify that order items are delivered to customers
  6. Report us for the order fulfillment
  7. If there are sold-out items, We need to refund the items to customer
  8. We paid fulfillment order commission to our A.R Richer
  9. Our A.R Richer check their payment in their dashboard


Where is possible location to apply for A.R Richer ?

Currently You can apply for A.R Richer in Orange County, LA City only.

We will expand the A.R Richer Location to San Francisco, New Jersey and Atlanta.



What is contact info to ask more questions ?

You can contact us by clicking the following URL address

Kakao Channel Name : A.R RICHER
Kakao Channel Search ID : aruricher


  1. After connecting to our channel
  2. Click channel plus button
  3. Leave you message in chat






    Be a ARU Richer and make up to $2000 per month or Earn up to 90% commission !
  • * Enter arirangusa.net username, if you don't have, please register first as a customer.
  • If you have, Please describe what kinds of community
  • Please write your current location
  • * If possible, Describe yourself in detail like strong points, how to refer our items and etc.